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The Republican leadership of the House of Representatives has released the work schedule for the House in 2014, which reduced the number of days the Congress will be in session to 113, compared to 126 days in 2013.  The change in schedule means that for at least 252 days in 2014, there would be no legislative gridlock in Washington. Here are 10 reasons why House leaders shortened their work schedule.

1)  Congressmen understand the plight of millions of American part-time workers, and wanted to show their support by cutting their own hours.

2)  The change in schedule will give Republican Representatives more time to complain that Barack Obama is spending way too much time on vacation.

3)  Members of Congress noticed that the more they work, the lower their approval rating gets, and decided that there was only one way to reverse the trend.

4)  239 days was barely enough time…

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