Some things are just too GOOD not to share..Shortly after having my morning talk with God; I read this post. Loved IT & can’t resist the urge to share it with y’all..4ever Sincere, Berna


Divine power, today I come with a grateful heart, that I have been given another opportunity to see the light of day.
I ask you to guide and guard my life, my friends, family, fellow loved ones and especially the innocent at heart.
In no way may we be taken advantage of, nor succumb to negative forces.
May your powerful hand protect us and continue to bless us.
Grant that our hearts may be filled with love and peace, and that we may have all that we need at this moment in time.
Release all our worries and fears, and teach us to forgive ourselves and others, as we continue on with our journey in this lifetime.
Rid us of any negative thoughts we may have of our appearance , our lives, or of any judgments of ourselves and others. Let us embrace who we are, knowing that to love…

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