Imagine my amazement when I stumbled(without looking for..) upon this blog post about the VERY same surgery( although mine will be robot-assisted..) that I’m having this coming Monday..I needed to “read” more about the actual procedure; to calm my fears. And to wipe away being scared of the unknown(yep, I was being a closet scaredy cat!) ..Now I know almost verbatim what I and my body will experience. I’m in such a phase of my Life that God just keeps on answering my prayers(WOW) ..So very thankful I am! Hoping that mayhaps re-blogging this might help someone reading it to get over their worst fears as well..Paying it forward. 4Ever Sincere, Berna(the 1 & only)

BRCA2: In This Together

Aug 2: 1pm Surgery, 3pm Recovery Room, 6pm Home.


I was calm, relaxed and felt totally confident about being in capable hands. I attribute some of that to the Successful Surgery meditation CD I listened to every night before I went to bed for the past 10 days and the first few mornings in addition before the surgery. Jeff was joking around with the nurses, my oncologist checked in and it was an atmosphere of positive energy.

I left the prep room immediately after they administered my first sleeping cocktail of anesthesia. I was out before we hit the hallway, just a couple of feet! My next memory is waking up in recovery groggy and with some discomfort, mainly from the removal of the catheter and the gas bloating from the air they fill your abdomen to see and separate the organs. My legs felt restless and I couldn’t…

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