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JUST as I was thinking , whew!, “they” missed me & I wasn’t in their data banks..IT arrived! As my parents & friends had told me it would arrive..It is official . I really AM 50. And on the brink of mayhaps becoming an AARP Member. OMG! Here is how I truly feel about it>>

NO that isn’t my card..Its just a picture I found in google images..However, I did get one just like it; with my name on it. Am I the ONLY person on earth who didn’t realize becoming a member cost money?!? I thought just making it to 50 years of age meant I’d automatically be a member. For FREE…Not that it’s a major amount of money for the annual membership..It isn’t..I’ll admit a few months back, when I first discovered I was going to be eligible at 50, I had NO intention of keeping the card. I recall saying I was going to throw it away when it came in the mail..Pfft. Now? I’m going to pay my $16 membership fee & become a proud AARP-card-toting-member. Why? Because there are a TON of money-saving benefits..Who doesn’t like to save money with discounts? My only question IS do I have to say the senior rate?? Can’t it just be called the sexy & mature savings rate? >>

All jokes aside..I couldn’t be happier to have made it to 50 years of age. I do adore saving money & I’ll honestly have NO issue whipping out my AARP card for discounts..It will be the first time in my life I’ve ever paid less just for being a certain age..I love IT! And I’ll gladly join Denzel in any group on any given day of the year..The-at-their-sexiest-aging-gracefully-group..It just doesn’t get much better than that. 50 really is FABulous.