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Awake Black Woman


Because it’s about to get real in the Whole Foods parking lot. And in truth, it has been getting real for some time now. I just hadn’t seen it. I wondered in my early 20’s what I would be like in my 40’s. I know, most young folk don’t even try to contemplate aging, much less how or who they’ll be decades from their present reality.

I lived in a cocoon world. I thank my parents for that, for in many ways it did shelter me from much, and when the harsh realities hit me, I wasn’t much prepared for them in particular, but I had deep reserves of strength, self-reliance and bucket loads of self-confidence bordering on arrogance which helped me deal.

I had my ups and my downs, but for the most part I floated my way happily through life. The last 15 years has been quite…

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