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..I don’t think WE ever stop learning..Even AT 50 yrs of age & HOLDING; I am learning..IF I’m nothing else I’m a constant work IN progress..I say that often out loud so that I never 4get that I do NOT know everything..Things are changing in my world & yours; daily..One thing I’ve learned in 50 yrs IS that everything changes..That is the ONLY constant in this life journey@ Change IS a normal part of LIFE..The key , I think, is learning to HANG ON as our world changes around us..’Tis not always an easy task. By far! But recently a younger 1st cousin said something while speaking in front of those attending my 50th Bday FABulous affair..He said , ” While spending time with my cousin(ME) on this visit; I got VALIDATED. For some of her characteristics; I share! It made me realize alrighttt there is someone who exists who is ALOT like me. And that matters…” What my younger cousin didn’t realize is that his comment struck home for me..How IMPORTANT our very BEing can impact those in our family! He hit it right on the nail-head of WHY family interactions are so very , very IMPORTANT. Some of us due to circumstance have migrated far from our families..Nontheless WE have to strive to maintain familial contacts & connections..The generations behind US; are watching us..Even when we don’t realize they’re learning from us either what 2 DO or what NOT to do in their own life journey..>>


..While attending an event not so long ago; I was fortunate to hear a dynamic keynote speaker speak on the importance of FAMILY. She has attained her PhD & is of African & African-American background..The words she spoke resonated in my ear drums..She said ” FAMILY is like a CORPORATION”.

Family = Corporation structure..The premise of this concept originates from Africa..And when I heard it spoken it immediately sounded familiar to my ears..I’d heard something very similar explained to me by my own Dad..Family should , rightfully, consist of all past ancestors, present living family members, and all future unborn family members. Said members are symbolically a corporation..Each living participant has a role to play; and their own weight to carry. Mission? Advancement and progression of the family..>>

..It is my Belief(one of many..) from what I’ve gathered in mental notes, observations and what I’ve been taught since birth by my parents..One simply can NOT properly advance forward without knowing from where they come from..Which means learning from ALL of their ancestors who walked before them/sacrificed before them/and some even gave their very lives for US to be here today..IF we don’t stand united as family members tied together by blood; we then dishonor them . I’ll take that one step further & say if we don’t stay united(no matter how far apart in miles..) we make our ancestors lives & deaths equal nothing..And what a shame that would be! I’ve learned in my life that without the love of my family & extended family of friends; I’d not be the person I am today. And thankfully I happen to love & fully embrace the person I’ve become..What a beautiful feeling that I love to share with anyone I encounter..IT is that good. **I very recently told a special 1st cousin of mine; that WE are now the elders..And that if we don’t do our part to work hard to keep our families connected; that our children & grandchildren will lose..They won’t have the oh-so-wonderful memories we have of family that we have..I promised him I’d do my utmost to make sure I do all within my power to stay connected..And IF all families do that, I think, we can then link UP together. As ONE. I truly in my heart of hearts feel that is the way God intended for things to be..We live NOW in a time of “Only me for me” type of mentality. How wrong that IS on so many levels…It is time to get back to the basics of what our culture is about..A culture within a culture can truly exist & rightfully should…Until I write/read y’all again stay UPlifted & blessed! 4ever sincere, Berna(the 1 & only)