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..There ARE too many distractions now-a-days; not enough reading. Biggest culprit? In my humblest of opinion; it’s the ‘digital age’. Now onto why I feel this is unprogressive & problematic..>>

*****WE live in a very, VERY literage age..Yet…Only only 18 to 21% of the population qualifies as being highly literate.(According to the 5 yr study by the NAAL )*****

Mayhaps I should’ve begun this post with the story-behind-the-post..Very recently while attending a meeting; an attendee announced that in his opinion “people” just aren’t READING as much as they used to..And that different approaches to “reach” them needed to be set into action. Example he gave was ask any group of people WHAT exactly was posted on a billboard sign they drove by; and they simply wouldn’t know what it said…Well to that I say WHOA & WOW..You mean if that big arse billboard said ” DO NOT DRIVE ANY FURTHER OR YOU’LL DRIVE OFF THE EDGE OF THE PLANET AND PLUMMET HORRIBLY TO YOUR DEATH” Majority of folks wouldn’t “READ” that message? After having my socks blown off in disbelief at that statement though? I decided to google up the real stats on literacy in America..Personally I feel reading is SO important that I began reading to 2 of my 3 sons from the womb..In retrospect, and with what I know now? I wish I’d begun reading to my 3rd son just as soon. There WILL be a test at the end of this post so hopefully y’all are reading THIS..<>