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Yep, in response to requests..I’ve decided to come out of anononymity…What better day than to do it on my 50th birthday?!? Anyone out there remember the Wizard of Oz movie? I loveeeee that movie! Remember The Wiz? I loved that one too..Never got to actually “see” the so-called wizard or wiz, right? So there was that sense of WHO is this person saying all of those things? Welllll since , as humans, we’re such visual creatures I decided to take the leap! out of anonymity..I am a real life person..Keeping it real is something I try , with all my might, 2 do..So as time permits over this very busy, and oh so exciting day; I’ll post a few pictures of me. Bernadette a/k/a Berna(the 1 N Only) >>

Alright going to drop some pictures from the most recent, which was actually just taken 2 weeks ago while I was in Phoenix for business, allll the way back to backintheday when I had our youngest son@ 29 yrs of age. Having a very, VERY , exciting birthday loaded down with calls, texts, more calls, emails, texts, texts, and actual being sung Happy Birthday virtually and text video..Didn’t even know that was possible. lol, lollll. Anyways, this 1st picture that’s me on the far right..Only one in a dress. It was 108 in Phoenix!

Just a couple of my 50th Celebration Party Pictures from Saturday, July 6th. My CAKE? It was so beautiful I did NOT want to cut it! And every part of the cake was edible…though it looks like it isn’t. My friend put ALOT of effort , love, care into this cake. And while I’ve had many of her creations(including homemade cheesecake OMG..this cake, in my opinion, reins supreme. This cake was priceless!>>

*Final Word* With the exception of marriage ceremony/reception; this without a doubt was the BEST birthday party that exceeded even what I’d imagined..Every single detail I wanted at my 50th(from the awesome DJ, to the muted running video clips from Soul Train, allll the pink decorations!, a surprise pink memento in the form of a book mark(and I love to read so it was so fitting!), to the pink delicate created gift box/card box, to the TONS of delicious food dishes from New Orléans/West Africa/Greece/Italian/Soul Food..When I walked into the Hall & saw all of it I just kept thinking..Wow, WOW my dream came true. I had so many birthday gifts it took an hour to unwrap and open them ALL..Yet when I was asked earlier in the week what gift I wanted? I said, without hesitation, fellowship. What I will remember for the rest of my LIFE; with my sons flanking each side of me & my first cousin who I adore(and all of them had flown cross -country to attend) and saw the Hall full of 80 or so people all gathered…Talking/Laughing/Eating/Dancing!/Drinking…It felt overwhelmingly good to see all the love/effort put into that evening. And my CAKE? Easily worth its weight in GOLD..A night built on a true labor of love by my family/my friends/my church family/and my coworkers. My own little piece of Heaven..It was so beautiful to see so many beautiful people celebrating together. I won’t ever, ever, forget it all started with a dream..Dreams DO come true if you Believe.