This is what it “looks” like when love isn’t equally felt nor matched..Beautifully shown in this very short flick..Love truly ‘don’t love NObody

Sanctified Brother

The Eyes of His Heart from Ty Staples on Vimeo.

Here’s a well-produced short film I watched recently. It has an interesting message and a stunning ending.

“Helena Hughes, a lady blind from birth, meets Thomas Mann, a photojournalist for the news. When Thomas asks Helena to marry him, she refuses because she feels that she cannot be everything he would need in a wife due to her disability. As a result, she undergoes a corneal eye transplant in order to gain the ability of sight. The procedure is a success and she is able to see Thomas for the first time. He then asks her, ‘Now that you can see me totally and wholly…will you be my wife?’”

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