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Smile, Smile!, SMILE, and smile some more…Did y’all know that simply SMILING can make ONE feel better? Not just the people who see you smile; but also can make YOU feel better. Instantly…a smile , and WE, have that power to touch many; including ourselves! Wow, WOW, and yep, wow one ‘mo time.

Once had an Uncle who shared something with me that I didn’t, until, recent years truly appreciate. What did he say? He said at his workplace no one knew when he was feeling down & out…At the time he was truly going through it! too..Had a wife who “he’d” recently discovered was medicated for bi-polar condition. WHICH she’d not confided in him prior to marriage. Can you imagine?? Anyways, she at the time had STOPPED taking her meds. Just BAM; decided she no longer liked how the medication made her feeeeel. The consequences? She was having and acting out with violence. And they had 2 children! Now IF there was ever a time to go to work wearing a frown? That was IT! Yet my Uncle said he never did..Ever. As a supervisor of many at the time; he felt frowns could spread just as smiles do. And all these years later? I believe , in my heart of hearts, that is so true. >>

To top that story my exMominlaw(who I love dearly..) once told me that a smile can touch people almost as much as physically touching them with warmth. She said & felt! that smiles could heal a hurt or broken person. One day she took me on a ride down skid row in L.A..Basically so I could “see” how much I had & not to complain about anything. A valuable lesson! (by the way this didn’t truly impact me till years later..) When we left, after stopping in the car to talk to about a cazillion people there, she turned and asked me. “See how faces lit UP when I smiled at them? Faces of people whose homes were a cardboard box..But for a brief moment they smiled!!” WOW, wow!, and wowwwww Yes, I saw that happen with my very own eyes. Seeing really is believing sometimes..>>

Personally, at this phase of my life I’ve got a “glow” within that REFUSES to not flow outwards…Most days? I smile so much , and laugh/laughlaugh!, till my cheeks hurt at the end of the day. I kid you not. A coworker said that to me recently. Lol, lolll She said does your face ever hurt from how much you laugh during the day??? I said “You know what???” It does! But it hurts soooooo goooood. So on this day I woke UP wanting to share this message with y’all. Wouldn’t it make YOU feel wonderful to know you could impact someone TODAY in a positive way? Doesn’t cost a dime either. I’m of the belief that some of the best things in life are still FREE. So remember to smile, SMILE, and then smile one ‘mo time. Headed to get my praise ON. I hope each person who reads this has a beautiful day chocked full of SMILES, laughter and LOVE. Until I read/write y’all again stay UPlifted and blessed. 4ever sincere, Berna (the 1 N only)

FOOTNOTE= This will mark the 1st time ever I’ve added to a post once I first penned it. But this is something I can’t resist sharing with y’all. Imagine sitting in Mass(church) 2 hours AFTER penning this piece; and hearing the EXACT same message almost verbatim as part of the Homily(sermon)? When the word SMILE was used the first time in context JUST as I’d used it this morning; I almost literally fell out of my seat. What are the ODDS that the sermon would use the same message about smiling? And IN the same context?!? Some out there reading this might consider it just coincidence…But for the ‘Believers’ out there reading this? When you Believe IN something you can’t see, feel or touch; coincidence isn’t in ones’ vocabulary much at all. What I KNOW for a fact without a shred of doubt? Every facet , and I mean every, of my Life at this phase is being drenched by the Holy Spirit. It scared me today for the 1st time! So much so I had to consult in private with one of my Spiritual advisors to admit that..I think that makes me human.