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laughingdoglaughingevelaughingsealAm I the only one who makes themselves LAUGH? Am I the only one who thinks about stuff! that happens & then later on it comes to mind; and you just fall OUT laughing?!? OMG this happens in my life; alot! Lolllll making me laugh just thinking about some of it..And something that happened just a couple days ago was classic. Later when I got home? I thought to myself dangggg I bet that Nursing Assistant is discussing this with her family over dinner; and laughing their butts OFF at my expense. Oh, but if one doesn’t laugh in this life journey? Well..I don’t even want to know how that feels! So anyways, what “had” happened the other day ….>>>

So the other day I was at my gynecologist’s office..Yep! did you possibly think it was going to in a BORING setting? Naw, never>>

Anyways..this was the day I’d been mentally preparing for the prior 2 weeks..Finally going to get the options from a specialist on which type of procedure or surgery I am to receive..I’d gotten over the nervous jitters(never had surgery before & still didn’t know if it was or wasn’t Cancer & I’m sensitive about having my body probed or cut on) I was prayed UP & ready to hear the big news & move forward with handling the issue..Nevertheless all grown UP or not; my Mom came with me ; just in case I forgot I was all grown up and fainted(and yep, I wanted/needed my Mom there to figuratively hold my hand..its good to be loved) so as I was getting my blood pressure checked by the nurses assistant..And I was doing quite well sitting still(although I was ALL hyped up and ready to see my Doc & get this over with ) she’s asking all the normal questions. Any allergies? No, not that I know of. Any changes since your last appointment? No, none at all. And blah, blah , blah and then! just as I was beginning to relax she asks ” Whats the nature of your visit today?” IF looks were rated on a scale of 1 thru 10 on “pricelessness”? The look I gave her would be a 10PLUS. I really, really tried to answer her calmly. I , honestly!, felt myself amping UP and getting ready to escalate. I got all warm & flushed & felt dizzy & like I was going to vomit(and I hate vomiting so I never do IT) I tried to wait a few seconds before I responded..but I couldn’t help myself. It was at that point I realized I had NOT gotten rid of the nervous jitters as I’d thought…and this poor girl was about to get the impact of that in full force. I tried again to hold it IN and answer calmly..my throat was dry all of  a sudden & I felt like I’d not had water in years. I couldn’t think straight, obviously , from the response that slid from my lips. Thank God my Mom was within listening range; so I did censor what I really! wanted to say. But this is really what I wanted to say..>>

..So in my calmest-that-I-could-muster-at-trying-to-maintain-myself-voice I said..”You mean to tell me YOU don’t know why I’m here..I was scheduled for a consulting appointment with my specialist Doctor after the results of testaftertestafterprobingaftertestaftertest..”and then I went on & on ..& off I went..babbling I’m sure. I felt like I was in the twilight zone..for weeks and months I’d waited for the day to find out my physical “issue” was an issue(though pain wise I knew it was) and to be diagnosed …today was the day! And they don’t know why I am here?!  Lawd…then I started telling her what my “issue” was….Well, by now the nurses assistant was babbling on & on about something . I could see her lips moving..I was trying not to panic. I had prepared myself for this & now they don’t have their stuff together?? I can’t wait another moment; this is the day to start towards fixing IT. Finally..I heard her. She looked me straight in the face & was saying I am not supposed to know! I can’t see any of  your records on this screen; you have privacy rights. Only the doctors see your records. The doctor does KNOW why you’re here. We both sat there staring at each other for a minute..I was calming down as I realized I had just told an entire office the condition of my ovaries. Lawd! this kind of stuff could only happen to ME. And then? We both starting cracking UP. She said, through laughter, I understand you’re nervous but I assure you the doctor knows very well why you’re here..And I said, through laughter, OMG I’m so sorry. I guess I wigged out for a minute but I didn’t expect that question & they’ve never asked me that on my visits here..I couldn’t stop laughing. And then….me & Mom walked into the Doctor’s office. Mom didn’t say a word; I’m sure! she was embarrassed but I can’t help being me…so anyways the first thing the surgeon said was, “Yes, I know exactly why you’re here” OMG how did she know that fast??? Did the nurses assistant text her & say over-nervous patient on the way who is prone to wigging out IF you don’t say quickly you know why she is here??? Lawd…and now every time I think about it I fall out laughing again & again.  Lesson learned?>>

..There are times in this life journey that you’ve got to laugh at yourself..Especially when dealing with serious issues; it helps to ease the tension. And lastly? When you convince yourself you’ve gotten over nervous jitters about something serious? Make sure you have before opening your mouth! Or you just might add laughter to someone’s day. Is there truly harm done in doing so though? Not really…laughter is good for the soul. Think back; whose day did you add laughter to 2day?