..2day I got confirmation that I’m going to lose something. Something that is very much a part of ME. A part of me that I’ve grown very attached to and the sentiment attached to it. It isn’t something that I need anymore; and yet! it symbolizes something so very, very special. A special part of me that , in a way, is part of my..Womanhood. I had actually braced myself for part of the news..Still I thought there would be tears; from me. I thought for sure I’d faint as I heard the confirmation. However, I didn’t shed a tear. I don’t think I had any left from the tears I’d shed since first hearing I’d probably have to lose; it. Weeks prior…I was prepared for the news. More importantly I was prayed UP. And that inofitself is nothing short of a miracle..Nevertheless this part of me I’m going to lose is progressive for me. Part of me yearns to scream but its MINE & I won’t part with it. That part of me lost the battle today..the part of me that is “she” is all grown UP now. And the message behind all this word-play? Attitude means everything..

The above rant IS based on truth, the whole truth..And thankfully, its not a part of me that is seen. Nor is it a part of me that my body can’t function without. But living with it brings much pain; so it “gots to GO”. It will mark the first surgery I’ve ever had in my entire life..Yet? Oddly enough I’m no longer afraid. Or maybe its not so odd at all ; at this phase of my life. I don’t think anyone likes the idea of surgery. But the not-knowing part before the “diagnosis” was worse. My motto now is find a solution for a problem; and dammit lets fix IT. By any means necessary..Did y’all know that a bad attitude or outlook on things can slow down recovery from surgery/loss of a loved one/loss of a job/loss of anything? Did y’all know that a good attitude can add YEARS to your life? When I learned, for I’m an avid reader, ALL of the positive benefits of a positive attitude..I began to bit by bit & brick by brick change the entire way I look at matters. I kid you not. And guess what it works IF you work it! Even 3 years ago facing my-soon-2-be-scheduled-soon-as-I-can-fit-it-into-my-schedule-surgery; I’d be pulling my hair out with worry..and I have alot of hair!   But these days? I’m learning worrying fixes nothing & complaining doesn’t stop things from happening..Having said all of that; here are a few beneficial results from having a good attitude>

You’re more motivated! to get things done & more likely to achieve your goals/You have much LESS stress/You WILL live a longer life(unless you get hit by a bus; and in that case..well nevermind)/Your health IS better because you stress LESS & stress causes an array of health issues/You’ve got more inspiration & rely less on others to motivate you/You’ve got HIGHer self esteem , you believe in yourself & what you’re capable of/You’re generally MUCH happier/You EXPECT positive results & thus usually get them/You’ve got more friends. Who wanted to hang around someone whose negative???/You’ve got MORE energy. Stress truly drains a person/You bounce back from setbacks faster/You enjoy your work more….& the list goes on & on & on & on. **Personally I can attest to all of the above being true. Which is why I’m trying best I can to share this message with y’all. Why do I care? Because I just DO. I’m a people-loving social butterfly & I honestly care about others..And isn’t sharing a form of caring? Enough said; moving right along>>

Nevertheless I’ve also found out I’ve got to maintain my positive attitude..I’ve not yet mastered enough tips to really share in that aspect though. Just a couple..#1. This is HIGHLY important..least the way I see it is. I can’t handle being around negative people for long periods. It just flat out drains me. Saps MY energy trying to convince them to B positive; or to see the sunny side UP. If it saps my energy trying to flip their attitude; one can only imagine what their negative attitude is doing to them. BUT I don’t want nor can I afford to let a chronic negative-viber’s negative vibe; rub OFF on me. I’m human after all..When co-raising our sons I was known to say often “Place yourself around people you either admire or that are about UPward progression..for you are what you eat” Which goes back to where I started@If you hang out in a barbershop enough; you’ll eventually get a haircut..”

As I sat there today getting the confirmation diagnosis , with my Momma by my side, my mind was all over the place…I had my focus on my Doc/I had my focus on my Mom’s reaction/I had my focus on resisting asking”Is this going to hurt much? & “How long will it hurt?” “Is the camera and laser  going to be BIG?”..But the over-riding thought in my mind was total shock..I couldn’t help thinking OMG I’m handling this well. I wanted to pat myself on the back ; but my arms aren’t long enough. I didn’t faint. My eyes were dry; no tears or dramatic scenes of woe-is-me. I just took it like a; woman! Attitude is everything and it can make a world of difference in our day to day lives. Ever wonder if your attitude is causing you harm? Anyone ever tell you what a negative drag you are? Anyone ever tell you that you bring sunshine to their world? I’m all about quality of life ..Personally? As if the above matter wasn’t personal enough..I think having a great quality of life; begins with our attitude about Life. The beautiful thing about it is…WE have the power to change our attitude on any given day; forever. Is yours worth catching?