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Waving to ALL..Been a couple days, the longest away since joining WordPress, and I’ve  been feening! I am back.  And yet..I’d be remiss in not first mentioning how VERY thankful I am right now, yesterday, and all the days to come..And IF it sounds like I’m getting ready to preach; its because I am. I don’t know exactly how to articulate what is really in my mind/my heart!/ my SOUL/my spirit at this moment..All I know is its so good I want to share it with y’all..We’ve talked about so many things here, and I’ve enjoyed! & learned & vibed..But before I get back to regular scheduled writing/reading I’d like to share a piece of my inner-most thoughts . Feels SO good that I’d like to attempt to spread this feeling>

In every language that I know & even ones I’d like to know I’ve got to say..Thank YOU my God! First for  waking me UP this morning(& my parents,my sons, & alllll of my loved ones & extended family of friends from Coast TO Coast)  and for helping me to move through sometimes insurmountable ODDS/for showing  me that long as I BELIEVED in YOU and myself; that nothing and I mean NOTHING is impossible! YOU are so good & YOU are good ALL the time>

Yesterday, WOW, how can I put this into words? Not often I’m at a loss for words to explain /describe something but there is a first time for everything..Ever wake UP in a place that all was so shiny brand new/awesome/and yet unfamiliar because its SO brand new? That is how I awakened this morning..On a cushy oh-so-perfect  brand new memory foamed bed; with just the right of firmness..perfectly tailor fit for me. I slept so good I didn’t know I was sleep/didn’t dream/just got refreshed!/renewed..After a long , full day, of moving to my new place. From 4:30 a.m. to 11 p.m. last night; I was a ball of excited! and hyper motion..WOW it was a beautiful day surrounded by beautiful people on a beautiful mission. On a mission to fulfill a plan, a destiny!, that was laid out long before I was born..The mission? For me to reach my GOD -given potential..When a plan we have  falls perfectly into place & works out!; its an awesome feeling, right? What about a plan that one, like me, has NO clue IF those things are possible; yet goes forward moving one step at a time anyway? Driven by a force, by a feeling inside, unheard( God)  & heard voices(my parents & my loved ones) saying ..you can, you CAN, you can. Really can’t explain it any other way folks. My walk isn’t easy at this phase of my life; BUT does it ever feel good when each step comes to fruition!

I’m in a brand new place with all brand new things; literally & figuratively & spritually..And I’m here as a witness that if YOU just hang ON through all the tough! times; have faith; not only will YOU get through it..you’ll get to better days & sunshine. Don’t ever give UP. Keep one foot moving in front of the other; EVEN on days you don’t feel like it. Keep your eyes focused on GOD/keep planning for steps onward & UPward/keep surrounding yourself with good people/Keeeeep loving! and let that LOVE begin  with loving YOURself! I know, I know, I know because Ioncewasinaplacesodark I couldn’t see the light..But sure as I stand! here I promise you hanging ON is worth it..None of us know what tomorrow brings; and same as tribulation could be on the tomorrow so! could JOY..Reach, reach further than you even think your arms will reach. If WE don’t reach upward and push, push ourselves beyond the limits WE have set for ourselves; then we’ll never get to our God given potential. And what a shame that would BE. For , its my belief, that is why we were created. I believe, God helps those that help themselves..HE will help you reach any goal you set for yourself; long as YOU put in the work. Hard work, yes, but SO worth it. The feeling of seeing the results of good works is priceless. There is NO substitute for this! feeling..I’m overwhelmed by IT right now and just feel compelled to release & share it. IF I can get here; than most certainly ANYONE can. Trust & believe that. Enough said. I’ll be back later to get back to the regularly slated topics; and yep, I’ve got a couple new topics to write on. I look forward, as always , to vibing/learning with & from y’all. Until then stay UPlifted & blessed. And thank YOU for always reading me & inspiring me as well. Y’all rock! 4ever sincere , Berna(the 1 & only)

THANK YOU GOD for loving me so very much!