*When is the last time you told someone you loved them? Do you just assume those that you love; know it? And when you do say the words I love you; do your actions consistently match the meaning behind those words? I’m of the belief that one should say what they mean; and mean what they say. In that same regard I feel there are no 3 words more important that can be uttered than…I love you. >

Saying I love you comes so  naturally to me I figure everyone is used to hearing it..That is not always the case. And I once was told there are even places it isn’t appropriate to say it! Once, long ago now, I worked in a state prison with my then husband..We were in heaven every day! even though behind concrete walls; we saw each other often alll day long. BUT one day I was skipping away(yep, literally) after we’d shared an embrace in the office hallway…And when I got halfway down the hall; and knew he was watching me walk away..I yelled out! See you at home and I love YOU..His coworkers were staring. The inmates walking by were staring. My husband looked mortified..and I was grinning from ear to ear. I had NO clue what was to come next. He told me later at home I could jeopardize his authority(& safety)  with the inmates (he was then a correctional officer..) showing such softness in front of them….WtH? It was that moment I decided I no longer wanted to work in a prison. I’d been told it wasn’t Disney world(even had to wear a whistle around my neck for emergencies…) but can’t express love either?! Naw, I wasn’t going to be in a nonsafe environment around my lover husband; and hide that. Real love can’t be hidden nor denied nor kept inside..it flows outward. Saying I love you should always be natural>

When is the last time you said the words; I love you?

Does it flow naturally in everything you say or DO?

Ever say 3 words that just make you feel good from head to toe?

Want to surprise the heck of someone you love? In the middle of a disagreement walk towards them, slowly(don’t want them to think you’re going to smack them..) and softly say , I love you. I don’t even think a tin man could continue to be angry at that moment..>

This topic came to mind behind a happening last week..I was excited about something..And as I was walking away I yelled out to a female friend, Ooooh I just love you! Didn’t mean it in an intimate way at all; though everyone in the room froze…Why are those 3 words usually reserved for intimacy or only family members? Can’t one feel genuine love for just friends? And if that is the case why not say it?>

Someone very special to me recently said something so deep ; I don’t think he really realized how deep it was. And I won’t reveal who he is..but it touched my heart. He said that when his brother said the words , I love you to him..he’d never heard him say that before to him. He’d known all his young life that his brother loved him. And he’d long wanted to say I love you to his brother ..yet didn’t know how he’d respond. So he’d never said it to him..BUT when his brother said it to him , finally, it brought tears to his eyes. He said I know he’s truly matured and grown because he finally said IT..And he was the younger of the two making that observation. Moral of the story? IF you feel it…say it. Words matter. Alot.  Never know how much the other person might need to hear it from; you. And with that I rest my case.