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~Happy Mother’s Day to ALL the Mothers!  that are here today & those that have passed on to greener pastures..This is my sincere tribute to the woman who gave me life and has given me UNconditional love my entire life journey..She has inspired me to be all the woman I can BE/was meant to BE/and strive to BE..Daily I reach higher above my own expectations of Self; to be even half the woman she is. I love you always Mama, Sincerely your only daughter Bernadette~

~~Bonded forever since first feeling your heartbeat against my face

I’ve been loved from the warmth of the womb & on..

Such priceless lessons you’ve shown me that life isn’t ever  a race

Its to be savored sweetly like a good ole Motown song..

How can I ever walk a mile in my Mama’s lovely shoes?

I can’t!  so I stopped trying to be anything other than ME





Taught me so well good manners, be true to myself and how to deal with lifes rules

And regulations ..

Long before Steve Harvey, Mama told me BE a lady but think like  a MAN

Mama said ‘ain’t nothing a woman can NOT do; with a  well laid plan

Oooo how you reign Mama sooo high UP on my list of those I admire

You’re my #1 pick .. on  my old lonely dark days you begged me not to lose my internal fire

The flicker now has grown to a full flame!

Each step I take you’ve always been right there at my side

Beaming with joy, love, and unquestionable motherly pride

Without a single doubt I’d not be the woman that I am

Had it not been for a Mama that always said you can!

Mere words can’t express whats deeply embedded in my heart

But I couldn’t be happier you’ve been there with me from the word, start.

For all of these things & more that emotions won’t permit me to say..

Happy Mother’s Day Mama I love you now and every , single day~4ever sincere Bernadette(Berna the 1 & only)