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Ever thought something & WISH you could say it? But the timing was off? OR better yet, U didn’t think about it until you walked away? Its time to sound OFF and let it flow from celebrities to politics..This is the way I see IT>

Starting off the top of my pet peeve list is…WHY do Americans have SUCH a fascination for NON-TALENTED folks? Enough so to make them into filthy-rich celebrities! From Sarah Palin to the Kardashians..OMG, when did the word socialite become a nice word for ‘whore’?!? How do you go from being part of a leaked out SEX video to becoming a news flash almost every , single day? I’m not even a big T.V. watcher; but I’m SO tired of seeing the Kardashians faces when I pull up my browser. I have no use for their trashy looking clothes line, their sex sweat smelling perfume, their heavy caked-on make-up line, their boring, drab reality show…I mean they can’t even act! How in the world do they end up hawking all these products? Shouldn’t the prerequisite for being a celebrity be having a TALENT? Lawd! I’m just getting started>

Talk about double standards..Lindsay Lohan has made a complete mockery of Cali’s 3 strike rule..Law even! If a Sista had even thought! about pulling half the stunts Ms Lohan has; she’d be tossed UNDER the prison. A home-monitoring bracelot? Pfft! As IF..Lindsay is a prime poster child for someone crying out LOUD for help; and the system? Has bowed down to a pretty blonde face..not cool, not right, and not a good example for the rest of today’s generation. Laws should apply , rightfully, to everyone..No matter how pretty or rich..The sad thing is she has more than enough money to get what poor folks with addiction issues can’t afford=great counseling at a live in rehab. No shame in having an addiction problem; but shame on Lindsay for not womaning-UP and seeking help. *smh*(shaking my head)

Where to even begin with this joke of the century? Can’t really blame her though; our country SUNK to a whole new level to let this one slip through the cracks..Turned us all into a complete laughing stock for ALL other countries.Jeeeeeez. Every time I think about it I still can’t believe IT..For those folks out there who talked smack about the way things are; yet didn’t VOTE. *slapping forehead* You’ve NO right to whine about any of it; so just sit back and hush! For those that VOTED for this ‘sad excuse for a so -called-quitter-politician’ WHAT WERE YOU THINKING? Thankfully folks had their heads out of the sand, woke UP, and handled business this last time at the polls..And please my people NO more voting-by-hormones & lets promise to always use our brains instead. Alright, enough said on that topic. (don’t want to give her more keystrokes than she deserves) Moving right along. Ready?>

IF you’ve got a child whose is over 18 yrs old; yet under 26 yrs old/in college fulltime & needs health insurance due to only working part-time (my hand raised I’ve got 2 of them..) then say thank you to the Obama administration…I’ve dubbed this Administration the “right NOW” administration! Why? Because for once instead of waiting years & years after a term is over; this President is somehow! getting things accomplished right NOW. And, mind you, that’s with a steady flow of opposition; to..well..everything! Ever heard of any crap like that? The repugnants are opting to err on the side of retarded..oppose everything. Just because it is President Obama sitting in the TOP seat. I mean don’t folks realize that means even the GOOD stuff ; they’re opposing it?! *smdh* Whether YOU could benefit from it or not; BOLD indeed…IF you’ve got college loans to pay off; you’ve now got longer to do so. IF you were a victim of the housing crisis fallOUT; there are many programs to help you stay in your house. Foreclosure counseling , at NO cost, to help you to re-modify your home loan. Provided courtesy of the Obama administration. And the list goes on & on & on…

I once worked with a woman who worked a 2nd job; just to support her son’s ‘habit’ of only wearing name brand clothes(including $150 tennis shoes) As she was explaining to me he’d NOT wear anything else; I know I had a look of horror on my face. How could a reasonable, intelligent woman fall into such a trap? I mean ..really???? I don’t recall exactly what I said..but it was something like ..Are YOU kidding me? IF he were my child he’d either a. go butt naked. b. go butt naked. c. WEAR WHAT I BUY HIM. When did parents stop being parents? And when did parents start willingly help their kids to build UP bad habits? Anyone ever stop to think the markUP on tennis shoes alone is 200%. And only in America! They make the shoes for 1 iota of the price Americans will pay  here..Why buy something so expensive just cause its got a celebrity name attached? Why not put that same money aside for the child’s future college costs? I can’t recall the last time I paid for price for clothes or shoes..I refuse. And I am a clothes horse; but I can patiently wait for it to go on sale. And I do..alot. lol!

And last but not least, for now, this is my whopper pet peeve>

Is this just something that just happens to me? Or do ya’ll park wild! so that no one else can park on top of U; and yet! somehow, every single time..I kid you not..someone finds a way to park right on top of me! OMG I hate that..I’m slim but danggggg its tough to squeeeeze into my car, in heels & skirt or dress during the week..because some ILL-mannered person can’t take a hint. I don’t get it. And I try, with all my might, to park far, far away from alllll the others cars..there can be a ton of empty! spots in between my car and the front door..no matter what not once do I walk outside and my car is alone. Message to any of those parkers! reading this?!? PARK BETWEEN THE YELLOW LINES because that is what they are for, pretty please. Jeeeeez. Moving right along to the rest of the vehicular offenders>

whydriveunderthespeedlimitFrom bumper -riding 2 drag-racing in front of me; and then! driving at a snail pace..ya’ll know who YOU are. Enough is enough..get a clue & learn how to drive with road courtesy. Why come I always seem to get all of the above, when I’m least in the mood for it?!? All I want to do is get to work ALIVE or get home after a long grueling 8 -5 day or get to the MALL or anywhere I am driving..never in a mood for cluelessness. And for the love of all thats good on this earth; NOTHING is that important that YOU can’t wait till you get home to text it. Only thing more annoying than a non-driving person in my way; is to see them texting-while-driving-or -trying-to-hold-a-cell. Can’t wait till they make it against the law here; to even drive with a cell phone in hand. BUT why does it take slapping a monetary fine on folks; for them to do the right sensible , responsible thing?

One last thing before I wrap this UP..I drive a shiny , new, cute!, absolutely red compact car…SUV’s try to run me off the road rushing to probably no where important…So this is my parting message especially for ya’ll.