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What IF our brain had a mind of its OWN? Wonder if from time2time it would ask for a time-OUT? Is that possibly what ‘Brain Farts’ are? When the brain just says F! it I’m taking what U won’t give me? Heard this novel idea as I was browsing yesterday; and it makes plenty of sense. Or does it? Yep, I’m going there. Come with me for a moment & lets explore the possibilities…

These days it seems like we need more time(or least I find myself doing this..); to schedule more things to FILL time slots in..Running to & fro fulfilling obligations, attending meetings, holding down an 8-5 career, involved in extracurricular activities/groups, involved in church groups/choir, raising kids, engaging in a love relationship, socializing, networking..I’m exhausted just having keystroked that list. And I’m not finished yet>

What about the children? As IF it isn’t enough to bog ourselves down; we have loaded down our children’s 24 hour spans also…School lessons/sports activities/band or music lessons/study time..I’ve even heard of parents having to “schedule” play dates for their children. WTH? When did play time become secondary to everything else on a child’s schedule? Isn’t playtime and/or free time healthy for children? We’ve all heard that an idle mind is the devil’s workshop..BUT aren’t there also advantageous benefits of possibly being bored? Why in the world are folks going to such lengths to avoid being stuck with NO distractions?!? >

Due to a constant need(and I’m guilty as charged..) to stay connected with everyone!..We use spare moments to use technology to fill in blank “spare” moments(texting/chatting/checking email/playing online games/googling UP whatever comes to our minds*I’m a google Queen*/listening to music, etc, etc yada yada); but what IF we’re missing out by not just having blank moments of NOTHINGNESS? Can you remember the last time you daydreamed? Can you recall the last time you allowed yourself to be absolutely bored with no plan/no agenda/NOwhere to be?

How are we to know if we’re missing out on; creative breakthroughs or inspirational new ideas…What about taking time for a moment of clarity? Self-reflection? Could it be possible that the mind needs a moment of “awake time” to refresh itself? Otherwise known as boredom…Must we now schedule time for that also????

Meditation is a great way to practice just doing nothing…Allow yourself to focus on an object & just get lost in thought..An excellent example of what positive gains that can be the result of this? Albert Einstein=He had the remarkable ability to sit for extended periods in total silence…And look at what he accomplished! Thankfully he didn’t have a cell phone or an Ipad or google>