“You” by Kedo..He said>

~As a sista, I think you’re complete

Physically, mentally and spiritually

As a woman of color~ A black woman

You are  strong, beautiful and free

As a person, a human.. A breath of fresh air

You are  passionate, patient and good

As my friend… A peaceful tree

You are  dependable, cheerful and solid from head to toe

Never have I met another spirit like you

You’re  the missing colors of the rainbow, the water on Mars..the perfect Eve

Thank you for being who you are; I now look to become whole in life

And if you were the flu, I would stay sick as I lean on my friend for knowledge~


“Mentally Please U”by Berna..She said>

My 4ever friend that makes me laugh SO much!..

Let all the week’s tension fade slowly away

As I phonetically please U with my repartee

Our time is finally here & I’ve arrived!

For an entire lifetime you’ve been wholly deprived..

Of what only I grammatically bring

Toting a melody which  only I can sing

*Hush* *Relax* Sit back & let me do “my” thing

Vibing with your mental is  my main desire

No topic taboo.. going to set your mind on fire

Keeping you fully  alert and engaged

All is  real here ~Nada   fake & never pre-staged~

I know you’re out  there  reading me   intently

Cause 24/7 I feel your essence rapping to me

From moments away ..incessantly





Berna the ONE  n only

Never leaving U lonely

Tending to all of your creative desires

Whatever that takes or ever  requires

I have finally emphatically!  arrived

No longer will you be deprived..

Of the ultimate~the  very best

Mentally vibing U is my quest

Caressing your words & stroking your thoughts

The mingling of our minds won’t be for naught..