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~Can I? by Kedo..He said>

Can I fall IN love with you?

Without knowing the pain love brings..

Can I love you forever?

And still enjoy the spring

Can I hold you for a lifetime

And still miss you each day

Can I look into your eyes

And no(know) your playground is where I’m supposed to play

Can I love you and no(know) you’ll always love me

Or would it be like everything else in LIFE

Lead me to an apple that didn’t have a tree..

~U Can..IF by Berna..She said>

U can..IF u let things BE..let yourself go

Love is meant 2 just BE and to flow..

It isn’t full of what U want guaranteed

There is no certainty..indeed no special key

U have 2 feeeel love within the confines of ur heart

That is something you’ve questioned from the start

U said you’re not sure if U can love one 4 life

The difference IS I crave 2 be someone’s lifelong wife..

I love 4ever~It is my way

That’s the only way I’ll play

For keeps N for real

Gamble it ALL is the deal

U can’t dare 2 have it all

IF you’re 2 afraid 2 fall..